Become a Sherlock Holmes of wine

If you are a connoisseur, suppose you are tasting a glass of white wine.
Regular training with our little vials has enabled you to discern notes of hawthorn, toasted hazelnut, butter and vanilla.
Those are all indications of the vine and region of origin,
as well as the wine-maker’s choices during wine-making and aging.

Reading the book teaches you that this aromatic profile is very characteristic of Chardonnay vines,
and that the butter taste in wines comes from diacetyl, a molecule formed during malolactic fermentation.
The book also shows us that a vanilla note is present in all wines aged in new oak casks,
since vanillin is produced from the decomposition of the lignin in the wood.

If you are a beginner, you enjoy white wines with very marked notes of light-fleshed fruits (apricot, peach),
flowers (rose, lime-blossom) and honey.
Thanks to Le Nez du Vin®, you will now know that you can go confidently lean toward Gewurztraminer and Muscat vines.
Spicy (“gewurz”) Traminer is cultivated notably in Alsace and Germany.
A very scented wine, it most often has touches of litchi, rose, and clove.
There are several varieties of Muscats, but they all have in common their richness in terpenes,
which give the wine a bold and very pleasantly perfumed character. Muscats are widely grown in the South of France.