LE NEZ DU VIN White Wines and Champagnes 12 aromas

White Wines and Champagnes
Focus on the 12 basic aromas found in white wine and champagne with an informative booklet on the sense of smell and wine tasting 12 illustrated texts explain how these key aromas appear and in what types of wine with examples among the world’s finest white wines.

Carmine clothbound book box, size 172 x 247 x 35 mm
Weight 700 g
Made in France
Guaranteed to last more than 5 years


Jean Lenoir has had worldwide recognition as the pioneer of the culture of olfaction for more than 30 years Born and raised in Burgundy, his enthusiasm, his accent and his work bear witness to his identity.

In 1978 he introduced wine into the world of culture as a work of art, putting it on an equal footing with music and painting, which was a revolutionary idea at the time In 1981 in his search for a vocabulary to describe wine one of the major difficulties in wine tasting he created Le Nez du Vin This original, unique work combining writings and scents sparked immediate surprise and admiration from all, specialists and neophytes alike.

In 1997 at the request of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia”, Jean Lenoir created Le Nez du Café.

In 2013 he worked with renowned experts to develop Le Nez du Whisky 54 aromatic notes to enhance your appreciation of whisky Editions Jean Lenoir’s recognition relies on knowhow experience and relentless attention to quality. By telling the story of the wonderful pleasure of tasting in such an entertaining and educational form Jean Lenoir has captivated the world.

Considerable tasting expertise
The presence of aromas in wine, coffee and whisky is pertinent and substantiated by thousands of references provided as examples, thanks to the research work of Jean Lenoir and his team.

The quality of these aromas is irreproachable
In fragrant Provence, the land of aromas, our flavorist spends her days creating and honing our aromas . Each aroma is the result of careful analysis , combining of compounds, subtle dosage, a highly discriminating selection to devise the precise, extremely stable aroma that cannot be falsified. Practice with confidence. These scents are strikingly realistic , and they are guaranteed to last more than 5 years.

Book objects, artist’s books
Breaking from the conventional way we relate to books they appeal to several senses not only sight and touch, but also smell.
They are designed by graphic artists. In 2006 Evelyn ter Bekke and Dirk Behage gave a new colorful design to the entire Nez du Vin collection which has become a reference They translated the equally rich aromatic personality of whisky into a strong piece of work, where materials and shapes unite with talent.
Le Nez du Café is the work of designer Roger Pfund Le Nez du Café 36 aromas Passion won an award for “high design quality” from the famous Design Center in Essen (Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen).
Our collections are made in France in accordance with the tradition of fine crafts (métiers d’art).