The products made by Rogaška, whose origins date all the way back to 1665, are a symbol of tradition and the finest quality. The town’s long glassmaking tradition is a guarantee that the glassmakers make skilful use of the raw materials that nature provides to create agically transparent glass, full of light, purity and sparkling beauty. A combination of creativity with the laws of nature and the properties of glass. To this masterly tradition, Rogaška has added state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design.

Today’s glassmakers, who skilfully employ modern techniques and technology, are still fascinated by the richly decorated and shaped products of their predecessors. All this proves that in this field there is always a human experience in the foreground: the glassblower, the glasscutter.

Exquisite design, masterly craftsmanship and excellent crystal recipe distinguish Rogaška from the competitors. Crystal products address those who appreciate lively shapes of noble crystal and those who can detect the reflection of the light caught into crystal.

Rogaška knows the power and the mysterious beauty only crystal can embody, so they keep creating exciting experiences for people who appreciate the nobility of the spirit, tradition, culture and art … for another 350 years to come!

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