Why Crane Crystal Is Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Glassware Brand

Established and proudly produced in South Africa, Crane Crystal is a brand that highlights its commitment to sustainable processes by giving back to nature, one box at a time.

All glassware and packaging are made in environmentally friendly factories, and the crystal is made of crystalline sand and free of lead, BPA, and other toxins.

Ivo Zrcek, the director of Crane Crystal, was inspired by his love of animals to work with World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa. He spends a lot of time photographing the untainted African terrain, exploring the wilderness, and being in nature. He is acutely aware of the loss of biodiversity and the plight of endangered species, which amplified his desire to support the cause.

Each Crane Crystal range is represented by a threatened species.

The Blue Crane, the national bird of South Africa, represents our Lara Range. With their rounded bodies, both are graceful and majestic. The red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, and all-purpose tumblers are for your enjoyment.

The Bistro Range has been strengthened and toughened for usage in the hospitality and industrial sectors, making it as rugged and durable as the Rhino. The set has a wide selection of glasses, from gin glasses to wine glasses.

The Cheetah is the emblem of the Club Range. These tumblers are slim and lightweight yet standing tall and having graceful lines.

The Vision Range is represented by the shark, because of its wide open mouth. The versatile glasses include a lightly weighted base to keep your drinks cool and are simple to sip tall and short drinks from.

Have a whale of a time with the Stemless Range. The collection is great for travelling and socialising and come in 3 sizes.

Every Crane Crystal purchase contributes to the conservation effort.

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