5 Alternative Ways to Use Our Shot Glasses

Find new uses for your dusty, old shot glasses with fun and festive dining ideas. Show your guests the refined side of shot glasses at any gathering, whether it’s a formal dinner or a playful outdoor braai. Jello shots not allowed!

Here is a list of the top 10 unconventional uses for a shot glass:

1. Desserts

Having consumed appetizers, a starter, a filling main meal, and a few glasses of wine, your dinner party guests might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of a large dessert being served to cap off the evening. How about offering delectable little desserts in shot glasses, like these no-bake strawberry lemonade cheesecakes, to still satisfy your sweet tooth?

2. Dipping Sauces

Serve your canapés in shot glasses with a selection of dipping sauces for guests.

3. Wedding Favours

Succulents make the most fantastic wedding favour or gift. A living succulent gift is stylish, charming and something that your guests can take home as a long-lasting memory of your special day.

4. Little Vases

Looking for a unique way to adorn your tables at special events? Display beautiful single-stem flowers in a shot glass for simple but effective decoration.

5. Candle-Making

Get crafty and make your own colourful shot glass-sized candles to brighten up your home or decorate your tables for a party. This article shows you how to step by step.

Our Favourite Shot Glasses:

Roly Poly Crystal Shot Glass 60ml

Duralex Amalfi Glass Tumbler 70ml

Duralex Picardie Glass Tumbler 90ml

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