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Crystalex: The Czechian Brand You Can Trust

With a dedicated team of craftspeople, Crystalex has been the center of the Northern Bohemian glass industry, offering the best of Czech glassmaking craftsmanship. The company remains the largest manufacturer of drinkware in all of Czechia and ranks among the top glass manufacturers globally. 

Sparkle™ glass is used in the production of every one of product, therefore they chose to develop a trademark that would encompass all of its distinctive qualities under a single symbol. The premium Bohemia Sparkle™ trademark caters mostly to the segment of hotels, restaurants, and catering (HoReCa). Products carrying this logo satisfy the requirements for professional glassware, including a thicker glass wall and a firmed rim.

The Bohemia CrystalTM trademark, which ensures the highest quality in both materials and production processes, has been on Crystalex products for more than 50 years. Products marked with this distinguished trademark have come to represent the tried-and-true excellence of Czech glassmaking craftsmanship.

The brand flaunts several ranges, of which we stock:

Sandra Range

Raise a glass with these sculptural glasses from the Sandra Range. Crafted with expert precision, the crystal glasses are distinguished by their streamlined silhouette and weighted bowl. These glasses are generously sized, which allows them to maximise the flavours and aromas of red and white wines alike.

Xtra Range

A natural for happy hours and special gatherings, these easy-care pieces from the Xtra Range are durably made and maintain their clarity through years of use. These versatile glasses come in classic shapes to show off a wide range of wines, champagnes, and cocktails.

Tulipa Optic Range

The Tulipa Optic Range is an entertaining staple and makes for a great gift. Sophisticated with an intricate pattern, the high-end glasses add visual interest and style to the table or home bar. The collection offers every glass you might need, from a beer glass to a champagne flute.

Turbulence Range

These glasses are made using a special technique that makes decanting wine quicker than ever before. Give the glass a light swirl, and the Turbulence glass will oxidize the wine in mere seconds, allowing the full bouquet of flavours to bloom on  your palate. The one-of-a-kind design eliminates the need for traditional decanting which can take hours.

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