How RCR Produces The Most Eco-Friendly Glassware

With the ever-present effects of global warming and ecological issues growing significantly, industries are turning to sustainable materials that will lessen the effects and hopefully make a difference.

RCR is one of the companys that are at the forefront of eco-friendly processes as they boast emission-free productions and 100% recyclable glassware.

Faithful to the spirit of Italian artisan craftmanship since 1967, RCR Cristallia, adopts the latest, most innovative technology to make sure their glassware remains a reliable, durable and beautiful product.

What is Eco-Crystal?

Eco-Crystal is a material of the finest quality and produced with the utmost care for the environment that is used in the creation of all of our goods.

The whole production process is fully electric and aimed to a continuous reduction in consumption.

Energetic Savings

RCR has reduced its electric consumption by 45% which is the equivalent of average consumption of a village of 5.845 people.

Energy is constantly being recycled, thus there is never any waste. The energy released by machines is recovered and reused while the heating is conveyed in order to fuel the heating system.

Water Savings

40% of the water used in the production process is recycled, and the remaining water is decanted and purified to an exceedingly high standard.

RCR has also decided not to use raw materials that release nitrogen oxides, the main responsible for acid rain pigments

Choosing RCR Cristalleria Italiana and Crystal Eco-Crystal means counting on Made-in-Italy quality, knowing that you have done the right thing for your business and for the environment.

Our Favourite RCR Products:

RCR Adagio Whiskey Set 7Pcs

The Adagio Set is a timeless, retro-chic design with classy faceted ridges. This set of six whiskey tumblers includes cut variations to enrich your everyday life and bring a touch of sparkle to any occasion.

RCR Timeless Whiskey Set 7Pcs

Elevate your drinking experience with the truly striking RCR Timeless Whiskey Set. From water to whiskey, these wondrous tumblers are sure to add a special touch to any beverage.

RCR Invino Decanter

Slender and subtly faceted, this classic RCR Invino Decanter stores and serves your favorite spirits in sparkling style. The bottle makes a thoughtful gift for the cocktail enthusiast.

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