How The Right Beer Glass Impacts Your Drinking Experience

Although it is much easier to drink straight from the bottle or a can, you really are not doing any justice to beer or your taste buds. It is always advised to use the proper beer glassware to enhance your appreciation of the beer style.

The shape and size of a glass will allow specific styles of beer to best showcase their aromas, flavours, carbonation, colour and head, allowing you to enjoy the beer at its very best.

Let’s examine the most common types of glasses and the beers that go best with them.


The IPA glass has a distinct appearance and personality. It is specifically designed to release complex and volatile aromas that a beer style like an IPA naturally possesses. Its distinctive form brings out the hops’ citrus and grapefruit flavours while balancing the strong bitterness and sweetness of the malt. Its distinct ridges also work to aggravate the beer, refreshing the head with each sip.

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A pint glass is the most typical type of glass you’ll encounter. These medium-sized, cylindrical glasses have an opening at the top and a body that is only slightly narrow. The broader top gives room for the head, or “foam,” that forms at the top of a beer and lets the beer release its aromatics. Although simple to produce and convenient to drink from, these glasses are not the best choice for aromatic beers because the aroma will escape from the broad mouth far too soon.

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Barrel Aged Beer represents the height of a brew master’s talent and passion. When it comes to the aroma, flavour, taste and mouthfeel of these speciality beers, long-term wood ageing gives beer the most complex character possible. The Tulip Beer Glass is exclusively designed for a beer connoisseur to admire the speciality beers.

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Pilsner-style beers have an aromatic structure that is mainly characterised by delicate hop aromas. Along with having a thick head and a light, refreshing body, it also has excellent carbonation. The Pilsner glass enhances the colour and carbonation of the beer while also supporting the thickness of the beer.

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The shape of this tall glass highlights the flavours and aromas that are present in Weissbiers by nature. Hefeweizen glasses are large in order to hold volume and display a creamy/fluffy head. This glass is suitable for wheat beers made in the Bavarian style.

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What About Mugs?

Although mugs are the traditional container for drinking beer, they are not the best form for serving it. However, we won’t disagree that they add a certain amount of traditional fun to the beer-drinking experience.

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In the end, the greatest glass to drink beer from is the one you choose. It doesn’t matter what shape or size it is; it’s the one you like to hold and look at, and maybe it even stirs up some good memories for you.

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