Ballet Crystal Burgundy Glass 820ml

Imagine the ideal body of a ballerina: soft, slender, graceful and clean silhouette with a long neck, long legs, upright posture with an emphasis on technical precision, fluidity, strength and endurance in performance. This is the RONA BALLET series with additional distinctive features such as the so-called “V” profile at the bottom of the chalice in the transition to the stem and the new RONA gift packaging.

RONA brings a burgundy chalice with a beautiful, modern silhouette made with drawn stem technology. The voluminous, wide chalice allows for the accumulation of aromas for a better drinking experience of more delicate red wines.

Inner box: 4 crystal wine glasses

Glass dimension: 27 x 11.6 (cm)
Glass capacity: 820ml

Material: Lead-free crystalline
Origin: Slovakia

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RONA beverage glassware has all the prerequisites to fulfil unusual tasting expectations and experiences.
The RONA glassworks – a major manufacturer of drinking glass with a tradition of more than 125 years – ranks among the world’s top glassmakers thanks to its history, experience and technological innovations.
Thanks to their quality, brilliance and cutting-edge design, our hand- and machine-shaped products made of lead-free cristaline are sought-after not only for everyday use but also for special occasions. Thanks to the aesthetic and graphic packaging, it is also suitable as a gift.
The drawn foot and the characteristic timeless design, together with the quality and durability of our glass, are the main elements of the excellence of RONA products.