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The Art of Czech Crystal

Glass and crystal have been produced in Bohemia for over 800 years. Today, Bohemian crystal is one of the most sought-after gift items in the Czech Republic thanks in large part to its eye-catching beauty and relatively reasonable price tag. It comes in a staggering number of forms, including glasses, candlesticks, decanters, vases, and chandeliers, to name just a few.

The industry is built on well-established craftsmanship, technical proficiency, and artistic creativity that is highly regarded worldwide.

Where is Bohemia?

Bohemia is the western part of Czechia, the country in Central Europe, bordering Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria.

Bohemia’s terrain and natural features are ideal for the manufacture of glass, resulting in a product of exceptionally high quality. Chalk and potash are readily available, and when they are combined and used in the glassmaking process, they produce durable, dazzlingly clear, colorless glass. Bohemia also has a large supply of silica, which is used to make glass, making it possible to manufacture a wide variety of glass goods.

The History Behind It All

Glassmaking in the region dates all the way back to the 13th century when glass was produced in northern Bohemia’s Lusatian Mountains and used in monastery windows.

Czech Crystal could be produced in large quantities thanks to the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, and not long after that, it was exported in large quantities all over the world. Additionally, glassmaking schools were created so that the time-honored craft could be handed down to coming generations.

The world’s first unique glassmaking schools, which are unmatched globally and were established in 1856, are where glassmakers receive their training. These specialized schools educate trained painters, technologists, crystal cutters, stained glass artists, and engravers. Leading experts look after each student’s development, transferring their knowledge and abilities to future generations.

Combining Tradition With Modern-Day Skill

Few countries in the world can boast of such a wide range of traditional decorating techniques as those that have been used in the Czech region. Although they use current science and technology, which helps to increase their quality, they mostly rely on hundreds of years-old traditions. From the mouth blowing of the raw product, to its finishing and decorating by means of various techniques, human skill, sense of art, and good taste have always been essential.

Production of crystal in the Czech Republic has a very long tradition and stands today as the best in the world.

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